Mission & Objectives

Mission & Objectives

The mission of Sustainable Caucasus is to facilitate cooperation and coordination for sustainable development of the Caucasus mountain region.

Its objectives are:

  • to foster sustainable development in the Caucasus mountain region; and
  • to elaborate regional approaches to transboundary problems at national and local levels.

To achieve these objectives, Sustainable Caucasus will cooperate with local and central authorities, scientific institutions, business, international organizations, local communities/populations, and other parties concerned with sustainable development in the Caucasus mountain region.

With the aim to accomplish its objectives, Sustainable Caucasus will, inter alia, facilitate capacity building; transfer and disseminate knowledge; develop, analyse, and monitor relevant policies; support training and education, research, and development; raise awareness; enhance cooperation and experience sharing; promote and introduce recognised best practices; and implement other actions targeted at sustainable development in the Caucasus mountain region, as appropriate.