Completed Projects

Mainstreaming biodiversity and ecosystem services in Eastern Europe and Caucasus

Sep 2017

United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) Regional Office for Europe agreed to co-operate with Sustainable Caucasus with respect to the project entitled "Mainstreaming biodiversity and ecosystem services in Eastern Europe and Caucasus" in Georgia.

The project in partnership with GRID-Geneva is set to help Eastern Europe and Caucasus regions to cope several threats that their environment are facing. New tools and techniques are to be transferred through capacity building to help national experts identifying these issues and managing them to support national environmental policies. These can help identifying the role of biodiversity and ecosystems into the political agenda. GRID-Geneva has expertise in remote sensing, GIS, Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) and can help building local capacity through numerous capacity building activities to transfer these tools and technologies.  Through the project Georga Data Cube was developed and the its further testing and consequently transfer to Georgian respective authorities is in the process.