Completed Projects

Projects Implemented by Sustainable Caucasus Team - ICCAMGR

Apr 2016

The USAID-funded Initiative Institutionalization of Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in Georgian Regions (ICCAMGR) was a four-year program designed to foster climate change adaptation measures in regions of Georgia through institutionalization of climate change adaptation and mitigation at the local and national levels by building of capacities of local authorities. The program was implemented by the staff of Sustainable Caucasus then under the National Association of Local Authorities of Georgia (NALAG).

The Project was a flagship initiative which integrates environmental and climate change considerations into agenda of the LAs of Georgia. The Project established special units on climate change, environment and sustainable agriculture at the level of self-government to ensure, among other, implementation of a broad range of statutory functions of LAs on natural resources management, spatial planning and sustainable development stipulated in the Organic Law of Georgia on Local Self-Governance and sectoral legislation. The Georgian Road Map on Climate Change Adaptation was also developed under the ICCAMGR program. The Georgian Version of the Road Map is also available.