Completed Projects

Climate Change Action in Developing Countries with Fragile Mountain Ecosystems From a Sub-Regional Perspective – Caucasus Component, 2015 (Lead: UNEP)

Feb 2015

The core objective of this project was to promote regional understanding and foster joint dialogue on mountain ecosystems in the context of climate change and adaptation as well as foster further inter-regional exchange of experience and best-practice at the global level.

Through highly visual and well informative assessments, this project provided an enhanced understanding of climate change adaptation in the targeted mountain regions. This was further complemented by a gap analysis highlighting the concrete need for action in terms of climate change adaptation in mountain ecosystems and a set of recommendations. The final product e.i. The Outlook on Climate Change Adaptation in the South Caucasus Mountains was presented on international mountain day at a roundtable hosted by the Government of Peru and co-organized by UNEP and GRID-Arendals as well as other partners at COP21 in Paris.

The implementation of the project was coordinated by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and implemented in partnership with GRID-Arendal (a centre collaborating with UNEP) - Arendal and with financial support from the Government of Austria (through the commitments to the UNFCCC Fast Start Finance Mechanism). The Outlook on Climate Change Adaptation in the South Caucasus Mountains can be found here.