International Mountain Day

Dec 2022

Caucasus Network for Sustainable Development of Mountain Regions (Sustainable Caucasus the coordination unit of Scientific Network for Caucasus Mountain Regions) joined hands with its partners and friends, to celebrate International mountain day on December 12, 2022, at Heritage Resource Centre to recognize many of the major contributions made altogether for the benefit of sustainable development of mountain regions and to the global mountain agenda for the year 2022.

The event was attended by the Regional Director of Cooperation of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC),  Ms. Danielle Meuwly Monteleone, scientists, representatives of governmental institutions, international organizations, private sectors, universities, community, and national initiative group members.

The day started with the premiere of the documentary film “On the Road” which tells us about the difficult seasonal migration and lifestyle of Tushetian shepherds. Documentary Film is produced by National Geographic Georgia. Interesting presentations were provided about Georgia and Switzerland's sustainable mountain development study course, about origin-linked products for economic development in mountainous regions, on disaster reduction management higher education knowledge hub developed by Ilia State University and the Sustainable Caucasus in partnership with Geneva University and about craft product development for empowering women in the mountainous regions of Georgia, outlining the key role of the women in mountains' environmental protection and social and economic development, as primary managers of mountain resources, guardians of biodiversity, keepers of traditional knowledge and custodians of local culture. 

At the same event, attendees had an opportunity to visit a photo exhibition of video traps presented by NACRES, see and buy fabulous handicrafts from the Georgian Heritage Crafts Association and taste fresh and healthy products from the mountainous regions of Georgia provided by the Biological Farming Association ELKANA.

We believe all of these efforts from our partners have made a difference in the lives of mountain communities. 
Celebrating International Mountain Day is not just about mountains, it is the dedication and gratitude we display for our mountains, which have such a huge impact on everyone’s lives. 
Mountains are rich in biodiversity and are nature’s most beautiful gift to us. Let’s continue to keep taking care of our mountains.